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Music is the spiritual connection through which our souls record information in order to grow. It is the community´s attitude, a mirror that makes us move forward, in an assemble of bodies full of strength and honesty for the Earth. Inslil is a work for claiming , the transgression of the sounds, the replacement of the light with the emptiness.
The essence of existence.



    Inslil is a community which promotes the lost values of electronic music, the spirituality of the sound and the history in which we are involved.
    It grows from the pain caused by an industry falling into the abyss, as humans are swept to the way.
    We only accept sounds which come straight from the soul, which have a real importance, and we turn them into a visual representation.
    We are a creative team immersed in the madness of salvation. We will transmit the symbology, the history and the vision that has not been yet recorded by any of our senses.