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About Inslil

If you want to be part of this expression community.

Please contact me.

The creative team are unconventional people who have found their place of expression in inslil.
A community of creators under the same premise: many minds, one message. Writers, visuals, designers, photographers, filmmakers, communicators, illusionists.

The world is changed by perception and it is time to transmit a message that sheds light on as sound or good sound fills our sou

A dimensional concept of reality that defines the filtered emotions of music. Providing a subjective value to the viewer as a guide in his emotional unconscious.

Music guides the soul according to the Greeks.

Inslil guides the value of music in the soul with the visual message.

The research criteria is the experimental cinematography, the artistic avant-garde and the video art son of the experimental trend.

To make an ode to all those artists who crossed the limit of the mind to enter into the divine connection of creation will always be love.

And it is love that registers in every pulse of Inslil.