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It is essential for a corporation, company or an artist to present themselves to their audience with a well-defined appearance. That’s why we want to help you to design your own corporate identity and create the necessary designs for this purpose.


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We produce personalized music videos and video flyers under careful art direction and with an excellent team of experienced directors and visualists.


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At Inslil we count on a team of a very special artistic sensitivity, with a suitable professional for each visual assignment. Our visualists create the connection between aesthetics and artistic contents, giving all works a great added value.


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We develop our own concept of photography and cinema, far away from the classic narrative and the excess of unnecessary effects, giving music always its well-deserved starring role.


We offer event coverages in which each image represents a world of its own, avoiding long interviews when the word can’t reach the speed of sound.


We like to know that music speaks and we trust that our image is capable 

of transmitting it.


We always respect image royalties and the privacy of the attendees, since we demand the same respect when we are the ones who dance.


We don’t like to record dancers.We aren´t the right team for this type of events.

We prefered nudes throughout the room.


Get in touch with us to develop a proposal to suit you.


We develop a beautiful energy when we introduce ourselves in the intimacy of the environment generated during the musical sessions.

We like to go further and combine all our knowledge with the findings along the way.

We like to tell stories, innovate, break aesthetic molds, without following an established canon. We like to experiment, play free like children, but with the confidence that what we are doing has a very careful and defined image. We understand recording and editing as the same process that we take care of entirely. Sometimes you have to skip the rules and we always know why.

Take a look at our material and ask us for a price proposal according to your needs.


The concept of Inslil is a dimensional concept of reality that defines the filtered emotions of music.

It provides a subjective value to the viewer as a guide in his emotional subconsciousness. According to the Greeks, music guides the soul.

This guide shows us the value of music in the soul through a visual message. Love beats in every pulse of Inslil.